Logistics Solutions


Maxi Logistic Group presents “clearance” service is one of the steps of supply chain that needed critic and high experience with Maxi quality to costumer. Custom Application and legislations are frequently updated in our country. When it is compared with other countries, it has hard and fast rules and so, it is needed high experience. Maxi Clearance associate it’ claim with it’s experiment team about speed and decency. It presents privatized solution for costumer’s sector; legislation, operational need and it become synchronous with their customer like customer’s own clearance department. It provides concentration of their customer to their own jobs by thinking before customer about customer’s all matters.

Maxi Customs, that can provide all type of financial support when it is necessary in the all foreign trades supports with strong financial structure, is always near you with their huge spectrum services such as, taking all needed approves and documents about foreign trade process, Inward Processing Letter of Authority, taking Investment Intensive Documents, and serving all type of clearance services in the instant, effect Exchange transactions in import.

Project Transporting

We take in your employee as strategic solution partner with our experiment and Professional personnel in all project transporting. İt is offered to you about best suitable price of transporting and other logistic services, after your Project demands are analyzed from needded feasibility and technigues by our expert team.

Management Of Supply Chain

We associate innovative supply chain models with practice experience into real life. As a result, we occur dynamic and flexible supply chain that will be help to you, will get solution to job instability, will help your improving needs. We present Logistic Projects that we develop with optimum cost; we aim to provide time, speed and cost advantages for our customer by performing in service sense of “JIT - Just In Time”.

Storehouse And Distrubition Center Solutions

We can create with together new product management, drawback and promotional product management, quality control, preparing order, labeling and packaging operations, processes that we’ve managed and projects that you increase your efficiency by handling control with the help of effective distribution channels.